Seeking a Revision to a Previous Bariatric Surgery?

Our surgeons will gladly consider you for a revision to your previous bariatric surgery!

In order to establish care with our clinic after having a weight loss surgery completed by a surgeon outside of our practice, we require the following steps to be completed:

  1. Application – Complete a new patient application and collect your operative report, follow-up visit notes and any diagnostic testing that may have been completed after your original surgery. Submit the application and records to our clinic by faxing to 503-227-2462 or
  2. Surgeon Review – Your preferred surgeon will review your application and records. If you were unable to obtain your past surgical records, only your application will be reviewed. You will be notified via telephone if your application has NOT been accepted.
  3. Insurance verification – If you are accepted by your preferred surgeon for a possible revision procedure we will verify whether or not you have insurance coverage for office visits and a surgical procedure. We will notify you of your insurance coverage for a revision procedure by mail. A small packet containing an acceptance letter and a benefits breakdown sheet detailing your coverage will be sent to you.
  4. Consultation – Once you have received your acceptance packet, you may contact our clinic to schedule a surgical consultation. Please keep in mind that your insurance company may require a referral or authorization prior to your consultation.

Please know that this process may take 6-8 weeks. Additionally, we are not currently accepting patients for ONLY follow-up care, ONLY Lap-Band adjustments, or patients seeking a revision to a Gastric Bypass.