We strive to provide five-star customer service to all of our patients and meet all of their needs as a bariatric surgery patient.

Most pre-surgery requirements and testing will be overseen by the hospital bariatric surgery program at Legacy Good Samaritan Weight Management Institute.

Please note that it is a requirement to be SMOKE FREE for at least 6 months prior to surgery.  This means that you will need to have stopped smoking at least 3-4 months prior to starting the program.  Testing will be performed if necessary.

To begin the process, patients must first attend an OWLS patient information session (either LIVE or ONLINE).  Applications for our bariatric surgery program are available upon completion of the information session. Our knowledgeable insurance staff will help you determine benefits for surgery, obtain insurance pre-authorization for bariatric surgery, and provide advice on appeals when necessary.

You may complete the application either online (electronic submission) or on paper (mail or fax submission).  All types of application submissions need a copy of your insurance card (front and back) so we can verify your insurance benefits.

See the Program Overview page for a more detailed, step-by-step view of the process.

Financing is available upon request. Please call Oregon Weight Loss Surgery, LLC for more information.

Pre-Operative Evaluation Appointments Include:

  • Bariatric medical evaluation (history and physical) with a nurse practitioner or bariatrician
  • Nutrition counseling and diet history
  • Psychological testing and evaluation
  • Physical therapy or exercise assessment
  • Lab work
  • EKG
  • Sleep study

Some insurance companies may require patients to meet pre-surgery weight loss criteria or complete a medically managed weight loss program.  These criteria can take up to 6-12 months to complete; therefore, we recommend you check your insurance benefits early in the process.

A consultation with one of Oregon Weight Loss Surgery, LLC bariatric surgeons is required once your pre-operative evaluation is completed and you are approved as a potential surgery candidate.