Metabolic Research and Obesity

Oregon Weight Loss Surgery is committed to staying up-to-date with cutting-edge research in obesity treatment.  As a part of this commitment, Dr. Emma Patterson attended the Metabolic Applied Research Strategy (MARS) research course, where world-renowned researcher Dr. Lee Kaplan spoke about obesity in modern society. Dr. Kaplan’s belief is that the obesity epidemic is the result of failure of normal weight and energy regulatory mechanisms, which are essentially the product of our modern “obesogenic” environment. Some of the key topics that he covered were the four drivers in today’s obesity epidemic, how body weight is regulated and how weight gain occurs when there is mismatch in energy balance. Dr. Kaplan reviewed how bariatric surgery is a successful treatment for obesity and comorbidities. He touched on some of the questions that are still unanswered about obesity and weight loss surgery – such as pinpointing why exactly surgery is so effective, as well as identifying the important differences between the procedures.

Dr. Kaplan concluded his presentation by revisiting what is already known about obesity: that it has a negative impact on health and that bariatric surgery is an effective therapy for obesity, diabetes and other comorbidities. However, many severely obese people are not receiving surgery, so it is important to develop additional therapies. You can read more about the course, including details on the four main drivers of obesity,  here.