obesity myths

5 Myths About Obesity

We live in the information age, but unfortunately a lot of that is misinformation. Sometimes those myths are just misinformation being perpetuated, and sometimes they are old scientific beliefs that have since been proven wrong. It’s challenging enough to lose weight, so make sure you know the facts about obesity to avoid making it any…

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Lap Band Results for Lower BMI Patients

New research has revealed that Lap-Band surgery can induce weight loss in long-term obese patients and provides support for use of the procedure in patients with milder obesity. Lap-Band surgery is a laparoscopic procedure that limits food intake with minimum interference with the normal digestive process. By wrapping a silicone band around the upper part of the…

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Gastric Bypass and Diabetes – Why Such Fast Improvement?

Over the past decade, bariatric surgeons have noticed that weight loss surgery is extremely effective in improving diabetes, with many patients showing improvement as quickly as days after surgery. Prompted by these observations, several noteworthy studies published in recent years have provided evidence that weight loss surgery is an effective diabetes treatment in obese patients….

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