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“…I have lost 110lbs since surgery. I am healthy and happy and have gone from a size 28 to a size 10/12. I was off blood pressure meds in just 4 weeks!”

*Results may vary.
As a child I wasn’t really heavy, it was always lose 10 pounds and you’ll be ok. That coupled with merciless teasing from kids on the playground definitely didn’t make life any easier. The older I got, I was getting heavier.

I tried everything wrong to lose weight, fad diets, crash diets, skipping meals, just plain unhealthy.

I got tired of the half compliments; “Oh you’re pretty for a big girl” or “You’d be so beautiful if you just lost some weight.” I finally reached a point where I felt I just didn’t care anymore, but in reality I did.

Even when I smiled on the outside, no one knew how I felt on the inside. My nickname is Mz.Fabulous, but I sure didn’t feel that way.

I attended 3 seminars given by OWLS and back pedaled each time. In 2013, I met my amazing friend Rasha. She was undergoing Sleeve Gastrectomy, which I had no idea it was a surgical option. I watched her story unfold and I made a decision it took me 10 years to make. I took control and made the choice to get healthy!

I had my first appointment with OWLS in March 2014, I was very pleased at how caring, compassionate and thorough they are! They prepare you for a complete lifestyle change! They taught me that the Gastric Sleeve is a tool you utilize to get healthy; the work is up to you! I had Gastric Sleeve surgery on 4/28/14 and I have never been happier. I have lost 140lbs since January 2014 at my highest weight, and I have lost 110lbs since surgery. I am healthy and happy and have gone from a size 28 to a size 10/12. I was off blood pressure meds in just 4 weeks!

I eat right and have been able to recreate healthy versions of the recipes I love. I hit the gym 4 days a week and I am amazed at all the energy I have! I am a much more active person now. I have no regrets and cannot thank Dr.Patterson, Jason and the rest of the OWLS team enough for giving me my life and health back!

*Results may vary.

Update May 2018

“Three years later and I’m still keeping off the weight! As a result of the sleeve surgery, I have fallen in love with coaching others through this process. This process has been so impactful on me it has led me to run my own Facebook group for sleevers.

I still LOVE to cook and I pride myself on finding new ways to make my favorite meals low carb & low sugar. It takes work, but it can be done!
I have been off all Blood Pressure meds for over 3 years now and still continue to remain at stable levels. My new found energy has been amazing. I’m now waking up by 7 am on Saturdays to work out! I’m incredibly grateful for this experience and continue to work hard to maintain my weight!”

* Please note – Results and individual symptoms may vary.

*Results may vary.

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